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CBE v0.1

2012-11-14 18:04:15 by Coft

CBE SDK v0.1
1,791 lines of code

A development report

What's new?
A working prototype of GPU-powered interface. Finally.
Basically, I reinvented flash display system / Starling etc. I went through tens of possible architectures of how it could work just to find myself doing the same thing everyone else is doing(code similarity). A few useless months of work you could say. Experience. At least next time I won't be so confused when I try to render a button -.-

What's next?
Redo the old version of CBE SDK and load & render the Heavy. If it takes more than a few weeks I think I'll hate myself again.

CBE v0.1


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2012-11-14 19:15:55

A new game based on a completely new engine? Can't wait to see!