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Madness Day 2013

2013-09-23 17:00:46 by Coft

Happy late Madness Day. I've just finished my ZalgoHank art. View it full size! I'm using this chance to promote it because I haven't been scouted... how does one participate without that?

Last year, I did a giant 3D project called When They Want You Dead. It was overly ambitious in many ways and to this day I can't believe how I could complete it. I started in the middle of summer holidays and went 6h sleep / 18h work for 50 days and finished with 4 days on caffeine. I'll never forget it. Here's a graph of daily framecount. HOW THE HELL. I haven't been that motivated for anything in my life.

In fact, I haven't done anything since then either. I wish could work nonstop on something again... but I don't know how. I don't care anymore. The 2012-2013 time between was crazy though, there's lots of things that I'd like to get into before hopping into game development, which is something I absolutely see as my future career now. I won't promise any activity or upcoming project or anything, I know how that would end. Soo... see ya in a year?


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2013-09-23 18:25:14

18 hours a day? Man this is some serious shit. Wish a can be 1/8 motivated as you, then my movie will be done it a month. Good luck with your future projects!

Coft responds:

Yup, that's human potential. I would have finished 10 times as many projects if I worked like that all the time... time does equal money and lots of other things, too. Don't waste it. Try to consider anything less as being lazy and you'll make it faaaaarrr :)


2013-09-23 18:54:32

madness day was yesterday lol :P


2013-09-24 00:11:54

22 minutes?


I wish I had crazy motivation. I get distracted by the internet too much.


2013-09-24 12:05:54

Happy Madness Day!


2013-12-03 04:14:40

Mad-n 2 ?


2014-01-05 06:14:35

Awesome speed. :D


2014-02-20 08:34:37

oh thank god i though you deleted your account...

Coft responds:

Never! :)


2014-03-14 08:59:15



2014-05-08 01:42:51

Wow. I can't stop watching When They Want You Dead. Gotta love that 2D and 3D style!

Coft responds: