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Coft's News

Posted by Coft - December 6th, 2009

Actually finishing Mad-n Ire, I have two days to have it done. Not much remaining, Kreyd needs to go through one more room and it is done. Until now, I was doing everything again, everything new. This room is not so bad, so... I lost the *.fla, it is on my USB but I cannot find it. So I decompiled my own swf to gain the room. You'll see, it is very short, but very cool.

Oh, I have to write something again. About deja vu ? So... nothing. Except for that that I am remaking my animation.
Do you know what I was doing last year, at the beginning of December ? Finishing Mad-n I. And hoping that Mad-n II will be done next year... :(
Maybe this time... I hope.

Some picture here. AutoAnir (the killing mashine from Mad-n I) completely redone, here is its grid. I animated lots of scenes with it trying FBF in 3D, no math, I did that by sight. But when it is the main part of the scene and when I have not enough time to play with it I simply move with that thing as one symbol.

Deja vu - Part two

Posted by Coft - November 6th, 2009

I think that it is really boring for you to read "this will be done on..." every month. So, here it is all and nothing more about that:

Mad-n 1re - 8th December 2009 - 45 % (I'll finish it this month) -Yeah I have a week to do the rest
Crap music video - Spring 2010 - 10 % (Yeah, delayed)
Mad-n II - 24th June 2010 - 25% (Tricky stopped it)

I'll try to write something more interesting... maybe progress of animating, screens, but rather just informations that are enough good to be released there.

This year is copying the last one
Part one

Have I written how did I begun with madness and animating ? I think no. So here it is:

With madness - I begun at the beginning of year 2008. After watching Madness Combat 1, I do now know why because I had seen it for many times before that time, I decided to check out the next ones. It ended up at Madness Consternation, but it is possible that Inundation was already released that time... google is cruel. After seeing other madness animations, I tried to do something own... in Pivot. For me, it was the only program that was able to do animations. I knew flash, but I tried it another two years ago and it did not worked. It was bad and slow, try to imagine something like Mad-n I, but even worse. But I made seven parts of a series called Erma - Error Madness. Mad-n has stolen some ideas and characters from that XD. I returned to madness some time after, during September. I found Newgrounds that time. This page looked like it is full of madness ! Now I know why... (IT WAS 23RD SEPTEMBER THAT TIME WTF LOL XD). But during september, my "madness" way changed a lot...

With animating - I begun animating at September 2008. How ? I was at the eight class of elementary school. We got a new subject for that year - IT. And at the first lesson of IT, I occasionally sat at a computer... WITH MACROMEDIA FLASH ! I said to myself "Isn't this the program that everyone uses for making the good madness videos ?". I knew that deleting the program's folder to uninstall it is an idiocy and copying it to install it is the same, but even small chance is a chance. So I told to my friend to put it at his USB, but he said that he will give it to me next day because he too wanted to have flash. But it did not matter. When I returned home, I tried to find Flash on the internet. I found it... and it worked. And really, the first *.fla I ever created with that was Mad-n I. So don't be surprised that it is so bad.

Ok, so that's it. But what about the deja vu ?

It is like three weeks ago.
It was during my school's big break. My friend asked me if I want to go with him to the antiquarian bookshop. I went. But it was closed. Not closed, cancelled. The whole room(it was a little bookshop) was empty. But I saw another, new antiquarian bookshop(really not the same XD), so we came in. And guess what I found there... something that changes my life again. Yeah, a book about actionscript. I wanted something like this for a long time. So, maybe you will be able both to watch my animations and to play my games some day XD. It is three weeks, and after reading the AS Introduction section, I created this -WASD. I do not know if it is good or not, comment if you want.

BTW Every article I create should have a picture XD so... What do you think about this ? I know that it is sewn very poorly, but I didn't gave it much time...
(Another PS - Writing this article got me mad. I had this done at the line with the star and then, after clicking more times then usual and making this lag, it crashed. Then I spent another 20-40 minutes to write this again... and during one momment at the end(like three lines before the star, again), it lagged for no reason... but it didn't crashed. It created a new firefox window with this page and everything I wrote before, saved here. Really early. :( )

Deja vu - Part one

Posted by Coft - October 6th, 2009

Again there... Zendikar is legal :D

I returned to making my own projects with own storyline... the hardest thing is that I am doing something serious now :D It is not easy to remember that it should not contain jokes, game references and so. I am talking about Mad-n 1re now, but...

My brother
tried to make some musics... some of them were not good, but some sounds he used were really "madness short"-like. So I told him to make some short-like music. It is done and really cool. I am making the animation for it, and I really do not know when it will be done... and as said, Mad-n 1re in progress, Mad-n II stopped and waiting.

Here is a pic from the "short" - yeah, like MCNPMV, this is another self-drawn music video by me.

Back at my own work

Posted by Coft - September 6th, 2009

I do not know what to write this month. It is approaching, I am finishing it (still, it should be done for a long time), but I think I will be done in time. Some "diary" here:

16 days until MD09
Finished madness today. Bossfights will take 10 days, 6 in at the best, and I don't want to know how much at the worst.

14 days until MD09
The beginning of the bossfight scene broke the limit. Decreases the export quality, from 9,86 MB at 8,80 MB.

13 days until MD09
The first boss died today XD. He should die yesterday... another "remaining day" out.

8 days until MD09
I died today XD

4 days until MD09
Last boss finished today YEAH. It should be completely done and sent to "betatesters" on Saturday or Sunday.

Hi there. I hope you like my movie/s. Look at the picture below. Laggy scene when making, 500+ layers. I am glad that it is done. I write a "new" here every month and no one is reading it. :( I hope I will gain/get fans today !


Posted by Coft - August 6th, 2009

OK, it's the sixth, so... mmm... 47 days until THE MADNESS DAY.

Some news:

Time to finish - two weeks
Hmm... Nothing new in real.

- Accumulation collab - Yeah, I joined and begun making something 400-500 frames long. I put a character from Mad-n II (so unreleased yet) as the main character there. LPMI agent, if you want to know. I turned him into a zombie, which could never happen in Mad-n.
Time to finish - three days (?)
6th, after some hours - Some work, but still tiping three days, the work is slower then I thought.
6th, another hour - 140 frames reached with main character. Doing others' move :D

I have enough ideas to submit something on madness day every year. No Mad-ns here, it gives less chance to get a good place and replaces my awesome preloaders. XD. Mad-n II needs a lot of work to be finished, but you will get something other this year, exactly on 22-24 December, I don't know yet...


Mad-n Ire !!!
When watching Mad-ns sometime in the future, I can't believe what... it's just terrible. Mad-n 1re will be more madness, awesome and - SHORT. Not 12 minutes, 4 only. Could be really done this year, time unknown, i have done +/- 70 frames yet. XD

So, I hope I'll have this things done fast. I will write when I finish something. I wish that I will be only doing Mad-n Ire and II at the next sixth. I really don't won't to do MD09 submits at the last time...

6th - Some collab's progress, 3-4 days remaining.
7th - Not much done, but at 200 frames. Quality is really enormous, done 5 kills / 9, time to be done 2-3 days.
8th - Done some missing heads, feet and hands. Also playing with water :D. At 225 frames, time to be done still 2-3 days. One to finish the animation, one to finish 70% of missing things (XD) and maybe one to finish that what I didn't do in the second day. It looks like it really takes 4 days. I just remove a day once per two days XD.
9th - Too much details to finish. Still 2-3 days. Sorry. X(. At 350 frames, lenght will be 450-500 frames.
10th - Finished the animation !!! Lol no... OK, it is done. Exactly, main character is done. Exactly, main character's body is done. Exactly, main character's body's movement is done, no blood by shots in the last 100 frames. XD But now I know that the final lenght is... 570 frames !!! Could be done in 2 days.
17th - Silly news. Medieval Rampage finished, but i didn't get 100 achievements medal, so it made me too angry to play Epic War 3. Finally back at flash XD. Characters movement nearly done, effects remaining, could be done tomorrow.
18th - Again, too much details to finish. Tomorrow, in real I hope.
19th - Not so much things to finish, maybe done today. Missing - Blood effects, chains on hero's hands, sounds, some minutes of watching again and again to fix it. OK, not today. But these details may take only 2 hours or so.
21th - YAY !!! Doing the chains now. 99.996 % done today, I may die of course.
25 days until MD09
Working on "A tricky animation", of course. It CAN be done on MD09, but i must work hardly and don't be lazy.
19 days until MD09
Updated preloader to MD09 preloader, pure madness will be finished today or tomorrow, bossfights won't take so long time. New post on Sunday.

Collab size: 1,25 MB (OH-SHI ... the water texture.)
Tricky animation size: 8,85 MB

OK, here: (Zoomed, of course)

Some news

Posted by Coft - July 6th, 2009

Done +/- 50 %. 25 kills remaining, boss fights remaining, end remaining...
I don't want to spend more than three months to this. It should be done until the next post (yes, 6th) and then I'll choose 2-3 betatesters, because I don't want to submit any crappy thing on MD09.

Why expect something good by me ? I have submitted there some <4.00 points videos and none of them was enough good. So... here you have a preview:

/* */
It looks like SWF converter moves camera only each three frames XD.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /224741

Actual: (8.2.2009)

SWF: 8,74 MB
FLA: 250 MB
Frames: 3110
Kills: 30
Percent: 72%

7.11.09 - Fully done 2/3 of the madness part.
7.24.09 - I wasn't working for a long time. Some progress today, +/- 300 frames until the two-minutes ending.
8.04.09 - Actually working. I have a 5:04-long undone animation. A tricky animation has 1:57 yet and stopped Mad-n II 3:07. The first at +/- 80%, the second at 30 % (percents of work, not time.). Also, planning a new project on Christmas... more at the next sixth :D... oh, it's this thursday. :(
8.05.09 - 9 kills remaining until the bossfights

Why "This is not serious work." ? A tricky animation - I hope that name is right - contains SO MANY "STUPID" JOKES... Maybe it will look awkward at the end. When you play it, you can see cool menu, then 800 frames of epic story, but then... oh... you will be surprised.

Posted by Coft - June 6th, 2009

I need someone's good computer... excactly:

Decompiled Madness Aggregation

I don't need spritesheets. I am making a Madness-Combat-story themed animation and I'll need at about 10 seconds from Mc9. I know it has +/- 70 MB, maybe more, but please, decompile it, put it somewhere on the internet and give me the link. Read my last post, i can't do it.

But it's a part at the end. I finished epic beginning and I am currently doing just killing. I'll update actual stats of the work this month. It could be done in 30-50 days.

The beginning - 975 frames - 100% (one scene removed)
Rise of the character - 479 frames - 100%
Madness - +/- 1072/4000 frames - 19/50 kills

Size: 8,5 MB
Total: 44%

Also: C00L MENU DONE !!!

(15% for the whole beginning, 15% for each ten kills and 10% for the ending)

I'll give you some preview of this next month. But OK, now:

EDIT: Thank you all for help ! No, really, i wrote to some people, one said "OK, you'll have it tomorrow". Then I waited a month. Then he came. Then I wrote to him. Then he said "OK, you'll have it..."

2.25 : Booriing !!! Not reached 50%...

So done at another computer. Current stats above, corrected retarded percent-count (it was right in my mind - BUT HERE ?!?)

Everyone wants to kill him !!!

I (don't, now) need help !!!

Posted by Coft - May 6th, 2009

As I wrote three months ago... three months ? It's like a day and new edition, ARB, is legal. I'll write in July with Zendikar...



Final date !!!
Mad-n II - It's impossible(really!) to have it done this Madness Day. So, see it at 21th September 2010. This MD, I'm going to submit another project. Just an idea among thousands of the other, but realised, because it will be fast(for creating), good, original. Here you have a screen. The only thing what do I need is decompiled MC9 and some music. It's easy to find music here. MC9 is the real problem. I don't need sprites. I need animation, frames, and my computer doesn't have enough memory. I can do it as a straight of PNGs ( X ), or I can choose the frames and export them. It creates a *.fla for each frame. Each frame has about 600 layers(original maybe 40, but decompilled...). So, when I copy each set of layers and paste it to some symbel, and in the final, it can take me tens hours and create 10 000 layers slow to play ( X ). I need somebody...

22nd May - It's right a month after creating the project's *.fla file. Bus done, created some scenes, added some kills... at about 15%. GIVE ME MC9 PLEASE !!!

3th June - The 1700-frame beginning is completed. Now animating more and more kills. There will be a new post on Saturday.

Here's some frame from the beginning of the animation. The bus isn't done. It needs more sophisticated background and more people.

Final date

Posted by Coft - April 6th, 2009

...is done !!! Check Mad-Ns' names now. OK, I will no longer write N, it's Mad-n now for showing its philosophical, physical and rational character. It will be better for searching, separating among seasons and for integration of numeration. Completely Roman, now. So it means... that Adoptio - sorry - "1st Adoptio - Preview" 's description now lies !!!! Muhahahaha... XD

You can still title it by it name after the dash.

Also... I'm at about 2900 frames, now. I'm animating hard and fast madness now, so it(animating) isn't so fast. I hope I'll reach 4000 frames this month.

From the first day when I created Mad-n II, I'm writting how much I made frames every day. It's made in Excel, so I'll release it when Mad-n II will be done. I get from it that it's 6th today and also... it's exactly 100 days from the day when i begun the work. YOHOOO !!! ... and I thought that it will be done ...

And this is the next point... when it will be done... It's sad, but MAYBE it will not be done until MD09. In any case, it will be on MD. Maybe 09, maybe 10. XD I still do not know.

I know that you don't know what can you be excepting from me. Mad-n I was crap. This is going to... rule ? If you want to describe it, OK. I am still not very good in making machines, things, etc. The quality of moving is good now, it's very good in fact. Accuracy,... very good. No missing feet, shots, blood, clips are everywhere. And speed ? I am making it "slow" in the... "Flash editor", it's generally at about 14 fps there. So in the flash player... WOW. I'll make some "hexavision" as I said in January before the MD ??.

And, about the musics... there will be about five musics. Three are secret, one is made by me and one... it's possible that it will be from one of the Krinkels's craps XD.

And, if you want a screenshot, here it is. Frame 63 from the 7th scene - code name "7 - Techno Room". Mad-n II has about 13 kills now. Comment, please.

EDIT: 3000 frames reached !!! 10th April.

The Great Rename

Posted by Coft - March 6th, 2009

IT... IS... DONE !!!

What do you think about my new, universal(I'll use it Mad-N - except for II, it has better loading. There is a link under this) loading screen ?
I don't want to write much text here. I wrote lots of it at the submit, so for the short - I returned to animating of Mad-N II and I hope that I will reach 3000 frames until the next 6th. I had very big pause now. I hope that you like the wallpaper. Mad-N is very big project and the wallpaper very well symbolises the first season.

Can you say me, please, how can I put my flash on Madness Day ? How can I registrate it, when I must submit it, how it is voted ? And is true that it will must have MD09 loading ? Oh, shit... Look:


btw: I changed icons of Mad-n Ia and Ib and... Did you see the building well ? It looked like this when I was making it:


I momentaly can't find the picture. You will have it... soon...

Edit: TEH GREAT RENAME IS COMING !!! "Mad-N" is too simple... there will be a change with new post.

Edit: I had it in... no matter. Here it is. Teh terrible "triple perspective":

Preview !!!