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Coft's News

Posted by Coft - January 25th, 2012

Just so you know, the game I "announced" last year is still in progress. I'll post anything - screenshots, gameplay - as soon as there's something to show. My goal is to submit a demo on Robot Day 2012. Until then, I'll keep all updates here:

04/01/11 - Project started.
10/29/11 - v0.1
01/25/12 - v0.2
03/04/12 - v0.27 - Collision engine - COMPLETED
04/08/12 - nvm. I'm rewriting it all. AGAIN. brb learning AGAL & GPU stuff

Posted by Coft - September 11th, 2011

I spent two months coding. The game still looks like this, so no graphic progress so far.
But it's 10 times faster. YEAH. I put so many little tricks into it to get flash's maximum. (3,000 lines of code)
I think I need a clever system for projectiles and aiming and stuff. Goal: Algorithm to hit a moving object with an object with acceleration / set the direction of acceleration of a moving object to hit a moving object XD
The result: Quartic equation. I spent this weekend trying to get a 100% working quartic equation solver in flash, but I failed and "cheated it". But it works the same way.
It is hilarious,... no, funny and challenging. I don't think a fair missile system can get any smarter than this:
Homing missile test.
(Controls: Mouse)

Posted by Coft - June 26th, 2011


I've had very good progress in the game lately. Well... it moves, ..., there's one finished good-looking texture in it, it has WASD movement... bleh.

And the main menu is nearly finished. Just 500+ more hours and I can show you the finished game.
So much work to be done.

...the F***??? This error came quite suddenly, after one simple change and a Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Enter.
(probably re-install flash lol)

FIXED: I copied the timeline + library into a new *.fla. Problably a bug, the file was telling me it is AS 1.0.

Check my newest art!


Posted by Coft - April 6th, 2011

As the title says. Yeah.
Screenshots as soon as it looks epic. It's just a very simple 10*10 map right now. Maybe in two weeks? I'm not working on it NOW. But it is my main(and only XD) project.
What is it?
A 2D shooter. I don't know the exact game type name... hmm. Like Medieval Rampage.

Or LoL/DotA.
And (hopefully) as awesome as Jets'n'Guns.
I've got my inspiration from these.

...current goal:
- Make some basic textures (1.5/60)

5.14 Update:
It looks like this now... I can do better. Yeah, and... notice the fps. Fail code.
(It is a 12x12 map made of tiles and walls, constructed for testing falling.)

Game in progress

Posted by Coft - March 6th, 2011

1) Playing LoL all day.

2) Playing LoL all day.

3) Creating new flash series. 15% -> 40% since last month (just story and style, *.fla is at 0%)
I need more time. I'm not dead... yet.
3/12 - 55%

I have finally chosen one among all my projects... The new series still have too complicated storyline for Newgrounds. By ''simple'', I mean ''simple'', so...

a 2D action game about zombie robot?

Sounds stupid enough to be succesful here. I seriously started working on this one. Pics and gameplay ASAP.

Posted by Coft - February 6th, 2011

Converting(+uploading) the thing tomorrow...
unfinished ofc :P

Problems with conversion. Here's a zipped R.I.P. pack :D :

Posted by Coft - January 6th, 2011

Yeah, level up.
I thought about this. I don't know how to call the change, but I mean it as good news. It may be ''level up'', it may be...

I end with madness.
...or something. XD
But seriously, it is true.
The flash you were excepting from me was Mad-n II, right?
Well,... if you read its story,... it would be freaking naive to think this idea could be done as a madness animation. Also, if you knew the length of the story - I really don't want to let my ideas be a tribute, in fact, they would not be in any way. I was 13 when I ''wrote'' its story and many things have changed since then, like new experiences(or my personality :D).
^ Take it as an excuse if it is bad news for you :D
Now that I know what ideas belong to a movie, even though I haven't created one except madness flashes, I'll clear and renew the story, probably change name(s), simplify the whole idea and start from the beginning.
The ''idea to flash conversion'' will take years, but whatever... ''no more madness'' just means I'll make my own ''sprites'', completely change animation style and so on... it will give me many advantages and - wait,...
I don't have to defend this decision. tl;dr Level up and that's it.
Don't except anything from me in near time. You WILL get some screenshots and news, but first I must do the stuff described above. :D

And... games. Programming(flash) is easier than I thought.
Hopefully, I'll make a game and a movie this year.

(Mad-n II - unfinished version, cca 10 000 frames coming to YouTube next month)

Posted by Coft - December 24th, 2010



Posted by Coft - December 6th, 2010

SCII:WoL, Portal(+Prelude), CS:S, LoL

I love 'em all.


(Christmas update coming this year.)

/* */

Posted by Coft - November 6th, 2010

Nah, it's like calm before the storm. As I said, I'm waiting for a new comp, I'll be able to animate no sooner than on Christmas.


But I'm playing with some programs!

SWF to video converters - I am doing something very very wrong to the MC series.
Combat - Done
Redeemer - In progress
Apotheosis - Done
It can be definitely done to MC1-5, but there might be some problems with the newer parts.
The final product is so amazing to watch... coming to YouTube when it's all done(the problems are nearly unsolvable, so... if ever.)

AS3.0 is amazing. Actually, I didn't expect that. But it is faster, more stable,... I fell into programming for a few days and created a fully working 3D engine. It needs a name :D Some FPS flash game might came from me some day...
...or a madness game.
A huge madness 3D first-person shooter flash game.
With all the episodes and rooms and characters in it.
Sounds cool. Wouldn't be so hard to make XD
(but I cant animate, nooo!!!)

Pointless post