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Coft's News

Posted by Coft - November 14th, 2012

CBE SDK v0.1
1,791 lines of code

A development report

What's new?
A working prototype of GPU-powered interface. Finally.
Basically, I reinvented flash display system / Starling etc. I went through tens of possible architectures of how it could work just to find myself doing the same thing everyone else is doing(code similarity). A few useless months of work you could say. Experience. At least next time I won't be so confused when I try to render a button -.-

What's next?
Redo the old version of CBE SDK and load & render the Heavy. If it takes more than a few weeks I think I'll hate myself again.

CBE v0.1

Posted by Coft - November 3rd, 2012

It's been a while since WTWUD. What a project it was. Time to finally move on from madness animations - this time I mean it. Here's what I'm working on:

CBE SDK - ChronoBot Engine software development kit

I'd like to make A LOT of 3D flash games/animations in the future and it's getting harder and harder to realize my ideas. So I decided to revisit everything I've learned and make 'the engine' to support it all: A code package plus an SDK.

I've posted this a few times already so I'm sorry I still have nothing to present, but it's going really slow. Like, 10 lines of code per day. It's really confusing just to code the base classes when it's supposed to do everything.
3D models, lighting, shadows, huge environment, glow, particle effects, SSAO, collision, motion blur, custom shaders, bones, body physics, plastic terrain, from offline single player to multiplayer streaming, from mobile to high-end PC, from FPS to RTS,...

We'll see where Flash says 'NO' to this goal :P I'll do the best I can. Demos/screenshots ASAP. What I've got now is a black screen. Wish me luck.

CBE - the Flash Engine

Posted by Coft - September 23rd, 2012

After 2 year hiatus of coding and experimenting, for this year, I present:

When they want you dead


It's 22 minutes long at its own pace... I dunno, it's either the most boring or the most awesome madness tribute ever. You decide.
Aaand it's a technological miracle.

I have finally set some of the social network stuff, so if you liked the animation, you can show some support. And recieve news about my future projects.

Also, no one will make a spritesheet from WTWUD. I challenge you to decompile ONE SINGLE SPRITE used in the animation :)

MD2012 - 'When they want you dead'

Posted by Coft - September 15th, 2012

OK, here's what I hope you'll see from me for Madness Day 2012:

Madness animation - 'WTWUD'
Action, bosses, a little story etc.
60,000 - 80,000 frames @ 60 FPS = 15-20 minutes!
3D, lighting, particle effects, fbf
Bitmap madness characters = higher quality

Now all I've got to do is to actually complete it. I'm almost at the end but I've left half of the scenes unfinished.

The 'animation' is complete, but I've still got a few more steps to do. It's a matter of hours.


Posted by Coft - September 2nd, 2012

That's what it is.

Engine rewritten, I've got display back again. Pic below.

24 more 'scenes' remaining, 20 days left. '_'
9/02 - 9,500 frames. 0/24
9/03 - 10,600 frames. 2/24
9/04 - 11,200 frames. 3/24
9/05 - 12,100 frames. 4/24
9/06 - 12,800 frames. 5/24
9/07 - 13,100 frames. 5/24
9/08 - 14,400 frames. 7/24
9/09 - 14,600 frames. 7/24
9/10 - 14,600 frames. 7/24
9/11 - 15,400 frames. 8/24

Bloody hell!

Posted by Coft - August 22nd, 2012

That's what you can call it for now.
It's a madness animation like no other I have ever made. I've been working on it for about 3-4 months now, but most of if was just coding - it's a technological miracle. I have +/- 4,000 frames done, final length 10-15,000 frames.
It's nearly impossible to finish it in time.
8/22 - 4,100
8/23 - 5,100
8/24 - 5,900
8/25 - 6,200
8/26 - 6,800
8/27 - 7,200
8/28 - 9,300
8/29 - 9,500
8/30 - 9,500

Below, a bug I've just fixed. Metallic dude. Graphic bugs are annoying but fabulous :D

'Madness Depression'

Posted by Coft - July 30th, 2012

I know I said there's a madness project in progress, and I'd REALLY like to make one for madness day, but there's another priority.

There's a game idea back from early 2011 and technically, I'm still working on it. The thing is, I didn't know shit about programming and since then I reworked the game engine about 20+ times, learning a lot in the process. This is the final stage(it must be): 3D. But it's not like "make something in blender, put it into flash, profit". I decided to make my own modelling, texturing, animating, building, etc. tool and engine, calling it CBE (-SDK).

Both the madness project and SDK are code-heavy and time-consuming projects and I'd like to have them done by mid-September(MD2012 ofc). The madness animation should be top priority but I don't want to spend another year finishing the game's basic stuff. Well, if I don't cancel it, then in just a week there could be some screenshots, framecounts etc. It would be awesome to merge them both into a tech demo, but in the remaining time, that's just impossible.

\/ Look what I managed to port into Flash :) *.SMD decoded!

Engine pic

Posted by Coft - June 28th, 2012

Check out this 3D test I made at wonderfl.
It was basicly a test for me - how quickly can I make a project playable when I ignore the 'engine-style' the code's got to have. It turned out to be just 3 days. But the code is SO messy. So that was some nice experimenting... back to actual engines... or madness 'n shit.

Awesome flash test

Posted by Coft - May 13th, 2012

Alright, it's somewhat done.
10,000 pics @ 18 FPS, FullHD
2,500 pics @ 60 FPS, FullHD
Bottleneck: CPU
But that's enough. LET'S DO THIS. *drawing madness dudes*

5/13 - 0 frames, no symbols :(

Who wouldn't want an army of 2,500 agents?

Lots of 'em

Posted by Coft - April 23rd, 2012

Yesterday I started working on new madness animation. My last one? Maybe. Deadline? Madness Day 2012. That means I've got 5 months to do it. I'll try to utilize everything I have learned from programming in AS3.
Pics & frame counts ASAP. But first, I need to finish its rendering engine... ^_^
In the meantime, you can watch this color cube: *hint hint*

4/29 - 2000 lines of code already... I'm tired of this, but I'm getting really close to some kind of visual output.
5/1 - Alright, I've got something. 100 agents @ 34 Fps. There's a lot of stuff to improve. When it reaches 2000 agents @ 60 fps I'll post a demo.